Ticket Blitz on the Taconic

Special Nighttime Traffic Ticket Blitz on the Taconic Parkway

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Ticket Blitz on the Taconic

Traffic Ticket Blitz on the Taconic

Look out, Westchester County! Without telling anyone, New York State police launched a nighttime traffic ticket blitz—right on the Taconic State Parkway—that lasted an entire week.

Police say that the special nighttime traffic enforcement detail targeted distracted drivers (e.g. people who were texting while driving, using a cell phone while driving, etc.). According to reports, they issued 53 tickets in the one week. 11 of those were NY cell phone tickets while 7 were for texting while driving.

Remember, both texting tickets and cell phone tickets are now 5 point offenses and can lead to a drastic increase in your auto insurance.

Aside from these, police were out in record numbers targeting New Yorkers and citing them for a whole host of infractions including (but not limited to):

As we move into August, it is absolutely vital to realize that police will continue to vigorously enforce New York’s traffic laws in order to generate as much summertime revenue as they can. Think about it: in a tough economy, no one wants their taxes to be raised, so this is one of the ways politicians make up the difference.

Do not think that this one week of extra-enforcement is a fluke for Westchester County. In all-likelihood, it is merely a part of a bigger plan Governor Cuomo launched right before the Fourth of July. Be on the lookout, both during the day and at night, for marked and unmarked police vehicles trying to issue you and your fellow motorists traffic tickets.

Remember, if you recently received a New York traffic ticket, be sure to contact an experienced NY traffic ticket attorney to help you avoid all of the negative consequences associated with a conviction.

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