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Back to School Traffic Tickets Skyrocket in Yonkers

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As kids went back to school this past Thursday, police officers in Yonkers cracked down to make sure drivers were following the rules of the road.

Officers did this as a way of reminding motorists to watch out for kids and buses, especially when a bus’s lights are flashing. According to Charles Gardner of the Yonkers Police Department, “A violation of passing a school bus with its red lights flashing is a serious traffic violation.”

School Zone Sign

With school back in session, police are stepping up traffic enforcement in school zones. (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

He continued, “The first conviction is a minimum $250 fine. And the fines increase with each conviction, and it also is five points on your driver’s license.”

However, some mothers welcomed the extra enforcement. One mom explained, “I see a lot of police presence out here, and it makes me feel good.”

Police pulled over drivers, wrote traffic tickets, and even hauled away a car that had a registration issue.

By mid-day, police officers in Yonkers issued 23 traffic summonses. Of those, 5 were for ignoring school bus stop signs.

Last school year, officers in Yonkers issued approximately 100 summonses for failing to stop for a school bus (VTL 1174a). Nearly 40% were written in the first few weeks of the academic year, a time when drivers are just getting adjusted to the return of school buses to the roads.

Be aware, the police are not just doing this in Yonkers. They are out in full force throughout the school year looking specifically for drivers who fail to stop for school busses and for people speeding in school zones.

Make sure to keep your eyes out for police officers and do everything you can to drive safely.

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