Top 5 Reasons Why Drivers Get Their License Suspended In New York

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One of the most consistent calls that we get at Rosenblum Law is from drivers that did not know their license was suspended in New York.  Unfortunately for these drivers they were pulled over for some other infraction and were given a driving while suspended (Aggravated Unlicensed Operation) ticket on top of it.

There are many reasons why your driving privileges can be suspended in New York.  There are numerous state laws and other driving violations which can lead to a suspension.  Below we have listed some of the top reasons why driver’s in New York get their license suspended.

  • 11 or more points. NY uses a point system for moving violations.  Your average ticket is usually 3-4 points.  However many times an officer can issue multiple tickets with one heavy ticket in the mix like speeding over 30mph (8 points).  Multiple moving violations which are equivalent to 11 points or more will lead to a suspension.
  • Drunk Driving.  Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is still a big problem in New York.  Depending on how many times a driver has committed this offense, intoxication levels and whether he was involved in an accident all play a factor in how long his license will get suspended.  A first time offense can mean at least a 6 month suspension.
  • Driving Without Insurance. All motor vehicles on the road in New York must be properly insured. If you fail to provide proof of valid auto insurance it can result in your license being suspended for one year.  This also applies in cases where you allow a friend to drive your uninsured vehicle.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident.  In New York, drivers are required to stop if they have been involved in a car accident.  If you fled the scene without giving aid or exchanging proper documentation you can be charged with leaving the scene of an accident and have your license suspended.
  • Not appearing in court or failing to pay traffic tickets, fines or surcharges (See DMV assessment).

Driving with a Suspended License or no License. Driving with a suspended license will lead to an increase in the length of the suspension, and you may also be imprisoned for up to five years. The duration of the additional suspension varies depending on the reason for the underlying suspension. Your driver’s license may also be suspended if you do not have your license with you while you are driving. 

What Should I Do If My New York Driving Privileges Have Been Suspended?

Remember that while your license is suspended you are not permitted to drive your vehicle.  Having your New York driver’s license suspended is a serious matter and it is important that you have the matter taken care of before things go from bad to worse.  You may be facing possible jail time or having your suspension period increased if caught driving while suspended.  If you believe you were suspended for one of the reasons provided above, talk to one of our traffic defense attorneys at 888-883-5529 today to discuss your options.

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