Pokémon Go Players Can’t Resist Playing While Driving

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pikachu-signA recent study shows drivers continue to be hooked on Pokémon Go. Despite warnings from the DMV and law enforcement about the dangers of playing the virtual reality app while driving, it seems players just can’t resist.

Researchers from San Diego State University compiled data from social media posts on Twitter and recent news stories during the 10-day stretch after the game’s initial release on July 10. They found that nearly one-third of posts about Pokémon Go indicated a driver, passenger, or pedestrian was distracted while playing, with many even posting images of themselves playing.

In addition, between July 10 and July 20, Pokemon Go was associated with:

  • 14 automobile accidents
  • 113,993 posts about being distracted while in the car or walking

Among posts about players being distracted:

  • 54% indicated they were driving
  • 33% indicated they were a passenger
  • 12% indicated they were a pedestrian.

Below is a list of sample tweets that researchers released along with their findings:


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