Operation Work Brake - NY Work Zone Speeding Ticket Blitz

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July 9, 2012
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New York State Police Troop T, which monitors the New York State Thruway, and is (among other things) responsible for issuing New York traffic tickets, announced that starting Monday it will kick off a five day ticket blitz entitled “Operation Work Brake” to crack down on people who speed in construction zones (i.e. violate VTL 1180-f).

Speeding in a Work Zone in NY
New York Work Zone Speeding - VTL 1180-f.

State troopers will be on the prowl for people who are speeding in and around work zones along the 500-mile New York State Thruway, which includes I-87 (north-south) and I-90 (east-west).

"Throughout the enforcement period, Troop T will be out in full force patrolling the highway, as well as monitoring construction zones," State Police Troop T Commander Major Robert C. Meyers said. "Safety is Troop T's number one priority. We ask motorists do their part by using caution while driving through the construction zones. Remember, traffic fines are double in work zones. Motorists who speed, drive distracted or are simply careless when traveling in a work zone pose a great safety risk to highway workers and other drivers. There is no excuse for that type of driving."

During the five-day campaign, Troop T will post additional officers, dedicated solely to speed and aggressive driving tickets.

Ticket blitzes seem to be a common theme in New York State which has seen special campaigns targeting, among other things, driving while intoxicated, seat-belt use, and driving while talking on a cell phone / electronic device usage or “texting”. Troop T of the NYS Police issued 1,354 tickets during last year’s "Speed Week" campaign.

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