NYSP Issues 14,000+ Tickets in Thanksgiving Weekend Blitz

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Source: dwightsghost on Flickr

Source: dwightsghost on Flickr

During the Thanksgiving enforcement crackdown, the NYSP issued over 14,000 tickets. From November 25th to November 29th, more than 5,000 vehicles passed through sobriety checkpoints that were set up throughout the state.

The police focused primarily on speeding, DWI, and distracted driving and issued a total of 14,468 tickets, including 5,910 citations for speeding, 715 citations for distracted driving or cell phone use, and 218 arrests for DWI.

According to Governor Cuomo, there was a 30 percent increase in tickets issued this year as compared to last year and the number of tickets rose in each category of enforcement. During last year’s Thanksgiving weekend ticket blitz, the NYSP issued only 4,237 tickets for speeding and 565 tickets for distracted driving, and made 172 arrests for DWI violations.

“New York has zero tolerance for impaired and reckless drivers who put themselves and others at risk. I commend State Police keeping these dangerous drivers off the roads and helping to prevent needless tragedies this holiday weekend,” said Cuomo.

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