NYPD Officer on Cell Phone

NYPD Launches Distracted Driving Crackdown

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Right on the heels of New York State Trooper “Speed Week,” when over 20,000 speeding and traffic tickets were issued, the NYPD is getting in on the action.

This week, the NYPD will be holding a ticket blitz focusing on cell phones and texting while driving as well as handing out tickets for failing to yield to a pedestrian. Extra patrols will be in place in all five boroughs and cops will be on the lookout for anyone driving with a cellphone or electronic device.

NYPD Officer on Cell Phone

An NYPD motorcycle officer talks on his cellphone. This week, officers will be targeting drivers talking and texting while driving. (Source: Flickr)

In a statement, the NYPD emphasized safety as a goal of the blitz, stating, “Driving while operating, talking, or texting on a cell phone or other similar hand-held device is extremely dangerous and endangers the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.”

The current blitz comes as part of Mayor De Blasio’s “Vision Zero” plan to eliminate traffic deaths in New York City by the year 2024. Vision Zero has also resulted in an increase in speed cameras, jaywalking tickets, and texting while driving tickets throughout New York City. The NYPD also more than quadrupled the number of radar guns used to catch speeding drivers.

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