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NYPD Launches 3rd Ticket Blitz in 3 Weeks

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While Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, it also marks the start of a new 7-day traffic ticket blitz being held by the NYPD—the third such blitz in as many weeks. This new blitz will mean extra units on the lookout for speeding, driving while on a cell phone, and red light violations.

In their announcement of the blitz, the police stated, “The NYPD strongly encourages safe driving and urges the public to use caution and drive safely by adhering to vehicle traffic laws.”

NYPD Traffic Enforcement Vehicle

An NYPD Traffic Enforcement vehicle in Times Square. Similar vehicles will be out in all 5 boroughs this week cracking down on speeding drivers. (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

This week’s blitz comes on the heels of a shorter blitz last week when New York City drivers were targeted specifically for speeding. That blitz, lasting just 2 days, led to over 4,800 speeding summonses being handed out across the 5 boroughs.

Last week’s speeding blitz followed another 2-day crackdown the week before which focused on cell phone use, texting while driving, and failing to yield to pedestrians. That blitz netted over 5,200 tickets for the NYPD.

These ticket blitzes all come as part of Mayor DeBlasio’s “Vision Zero” initiative to eliminate traffic deaths in New York City by the year 2024. Along with these periods of increased traffic patrols, New York City has installed speed cameras and dramatically increased its radar gun arsenal.

New York State has also been focusing on traffic safety with its own “Speed Week” blitz last month. Governor Cuomo has particularly targeted texting while driving, creating designated “texting zones” on state highways and increasing penalties for drivers under the age of 21 caught texting.

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