NYPD car in NYC

NYPD Issues 700+ Speeding Tickets in 3-Day Sting

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Yesterday, the New York Police Department announced the results of their most recent anti-speeding campaign. In just 3 days (Friday, October 11th through Sunday, October 13th), 736 speeding summonses were issued to drivers within the 5 boroughs.

NYPD car in NYC

NYPD Police Car in New York City (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

And each of the boroughs was targeted with 47 tickets issued in Staten Island, 97 in Manhattan, 113 in Brooklyn, 213 in the Bronx, and 266 in Queens. Each ticket carries with it a fine ranging from $90-$600 along with up to 11 driver’s license points (plus a possible Driver Responsibility Assessment).

This ticket blitz comes on the heels of recent crackdowns on violators of the Move Over Law and Texting While Driving regulations, and is part of the NYPD’s broader strategy to reduce speeding-related accidents and fatalities. Along with increased enforcement, New York City has established nearly 30 “slow zones,” installed over 900 speed bumps, and has launched a speed camera program.

It seems these efforts are working. In the past decade traffic fatalities have fallen 30%—but speeding continues to be the leading cause of automobile accidents.

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