NYPD Traffic Police Car

NYPD Begins 21 Day “Traffic Safety Initiative”

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NYPD Traffic Police Car

NYPD patrols will be stepping up traffic enforcement between June 16 and July 6. (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Just when it seemed the NYPD was easing off its May ticket blitz strategy (holding 3 separate ticket blitzes within 3 weeks), a new 21-day “Traffic Safety Initiative” was announced, running from Monday, June 16, through Sunday, July 6.

This 3-week blitz is the longest in recent memory and, according to the NYPD, “will focus on the most problematic intersections around the city and take place during all hours of the day.”

The NYPD also stated that, “Enforcement will focus on hazardous driving behaviors such as speeding, passing through red lights, driving while using a cellphone, driving while texting, making improper turns, disobeying traffic signs, and failing to yield to pedestrians.”

The heavy emphasis on traffic enforcement over the past few months is all tied to Mayor DeBlasio’s plan to eliminate traffic-related deaths in New York City within the next decade. His plan, dubbed “Vision Zero,” has also meant installation of speed cameras, more police radar guns, jaywalking enforcement, and periods of increased enforcement.

Previous blitzes have netted as many as 5,200 tickets in just 2 days so this current 21-day initiative is sure to mean tens of thousands of additional traffic tickets handed out throughout the 5 boroughs.

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