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NYC to Install Work Zone Ticket Cameras

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The NYPD recently unveiled a plan to place camera-equipped trailers in work zones around the City. These zones are marked by orange cones and orange signs that say “Work Zone” or “Road Work Ahead”; sometimes they’ll have a picture of a person shoveling or holding a flag. They are also often manned by an actual person directing traffic and holding a flag or sign saying “slow.” When you see any of these, slow down and play it safe.

New York Work Zone

The NYPD may soon be installing traffic safety cameras in workzones throughout New York City. (Photo Source:

Work zones are dangerous places for workers and motorists alike. Last year there were 512 traffic accidents in construction/maintenance work zones on New York’s roads, bridges, and highways, causing 18 fatalities and 134 injuries. Nationwide, between 2007 and 2012 fatalities in construction and maintenance work zones averaged 669 a year.

While this represents a decrease from previous years, government officials across the country are always trying to reduce that number even further. One initiative was last month’s National Work Zone Awareness Week. This year’s theme was “Work Zone Speed: A Costly Mistake.” And nowhere is speeding in a work zone costlier than in New York City, where officials hope the work zone cameras will prevent work zone accidents – and they are especially looking to ensnare motorists for “reckless driving.”

You should know that reckless driving is a crime in New York. It’s also a broad term that includes all types of bad driving behaviors. A first offense carries a maximum of $300 in fines, up to 30 days in jail, and an automatic 5 points on your driving record. That’s why you need to take extra care to play it safe in work zones to avoid the significant consequences that would follow from a reckless driving charge. Not only will you be saving lives; you’ll also be saving money and preserving your record. (Remember: there is no expungement in New York.)

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