NYC Launches Dawn-to-Dusk Crackdown on Dangerous Driving

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As daylight hours get shorter, New York City is warning drivers and pedestrians to be extra careful. Mayor de Blasio’s signature Vision Zero program is rolling out a new campaign to increase safety in the pre-dawn and after-dusk hours.

According to city officials, lower visibility leads to twice as many crashes involving turning cars and crashes double in the fall and winter months for the same reason. In 2015, 40% of NYC’s traffic fatalities happened after Oct 1.

To counteract this, the NYPD will be increasing patrols between 4pm and 8pm. Officers will target the most dangerous intersections and will be cracking down on speeding, failing to yield to pedestrians, distracted driving, and blocking bike lanes. The city will also hand out pamphlets to New Yorkers that explain how to travel safely.

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