NY Gets Strict on Repeat Toll Evaders

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Rochester toll plaza on the Spaulding Turnpike (Rt. 16)

Rochester toll plaza on the Spaulding Turnpike (Rt. 16)

A warning for those who have unpaid tolls pending in New York: Governor Cuomo has announced that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will be strengthening toll enforcement for repeat violators. The announcement comes on the heels of a new proposed DMV regulation to suspend the registration of motorists who fail to pay five tolls within an 18-month period.

Drivers are required to pay all tolls and fees in a timely matter. Those who repeatedly fail to do so will have their motor vehicle registration suspended, unless the charges are dismissed. The MTA also imposes a $50 administrative fee per violation. To lift a registration suspension, drivers will be required to pay the full unpaid toll amount plus any associated fees.

The MTA will issue warnings to toll evaders who have their vehicle registrations suspended in accordance with the policies set out in the new regulation. The new regulation provides procedures for violation notices as well as for disputing toll violations and grounds for having the charges dismissed.

“New York’s transportation network relies on drivers paying their fair share and those who evade tolls put an unfair burden on other law-abiding motorists. This ramped up enforcement sends the message that these actions will not be tolerated and will keep those who ignore their responsibilities off our roadways,” said Governor Cuomo.

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