NY Speeding Ticket Volume For The Summer Of 2012

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Those who frequently travel the 570 mile long New York State Thruway are well aware of high risk of being pulled over for speeding while traveling along the open stretches of highway. Nonetheless, it is still shocking to discover the sheer volume of speeding tickets issued by New York troopers.

1,900 Tickets Issued In A Single Week

In August 2012, during a week long safe-driving campaign named ”Operation Summer Brake” State Police Troopers issued a staggering 1,900 speeding tickets alone to Thruway driving during the course of a single week.

Thruway Highway Authority executive Director Thomas Madison credited the road-safety operation for raising drivers’ awareness of driving safely in work zones by ticketing speeders, aggressive, and distracted drivers. Executive Director Madison also praised the campaign for getting drunk drivers off the Thruway.

With regard to the safe driving in work zones, the Thruway Authority stated in a press release that it intended to educate drivers about the New York states new “Move Over Law” and protect maintenance workers, tow-truck operators and state troopers.

New York’s New Move Over Law

 The Move Over Law requires motorists to use care when approaching an emergency vehicle with red/and or white emergency lighting stopped along the highway. The law is also intended to protect tow truck operators and other roadside assistance or highway maintenance personnel working along New York State’s highways. A Move Over Law violation can be quite serious; the driver could be fined up to $360, including surcharges, sentenced up to 15 days in jail, and have three points added to their driving record.

Nearly A Million Tickets Issued Per Year in New York State

Despite the high volume of speeding tickets issued this past August, the 1,900 tickets issued that week are a drop in the bucket. New York’s state troopers issue an incredible 900,000 tickets a year to motorists driving throughout New York State. The volume of tickets issued is all the more shocking when one learns that state troopers only totally six percent of the state’s law enforcement officers.

It is also interesting to note the breakdown of violations for which the tickets are issued. 47 percent of the tickets are given for seat-belt and child-seat law violations.  30 percent of the 900,000 tickets were issued for Driving While Intoxicated.  The lion’s share of the 900,000 tickets issues by the state troopers at 55 percent were for speeding violations.

Drivers who have been ticketed while travelling the New York State Thruway are strongly advised to seek the representation of a competent attorney to advocate for your rights. Rosenblum Law’s experienced and skilled traffic violations attorneys provide expert and aggressive representation to those facing points on their driver’s license and the associated fines and surcharges.

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