New York traffic.

New York and New Jersey Drivers Rank Better than Southerners

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Despite well-known traffic congestion and a general reputation for aggressiveness, New York and New Jersey drivers are better drivers than their more gentile Southern counterparts, according to a listing by ranking drivers across the nation. The ranking places New Jersey at only 32nd and New York at 22nd for worst driving, with Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas and Alabama in the top five.

New York traffic.

Despite their reputation for aggressive driving, New York and New Jersey drivers actually rank higher than those from many Southern states. (Photo Source: Flickr)

The website compiled the list based on statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Motorists Association, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving on number of citations for speeding, failure to obey traffic signals and seat-belt law violations, drunken-driving arrests, reckless driving, and fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. According to results, Montana had the greatest number of drunken-driving violations and the most fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, while Florida was ranked the worst for careless driving.

But New York and New Jersey should not get overly prideful of their not-worst rankings, especially since both states ranked worse than last year, with the Empire State dropping from 29th and the Garden State from 39th. While they may still outrank many Southern states, New York and New Jersey drivers have much to learn from their neighbors to the north. This year, Vermont was deemed to have the best drivers in the nation, taking last year’s title from Rhode Island.



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