NY Launches Coaches Care Campaign for Teen Driver Safety Week

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Andrew CuomoIn coordination with National Teen Driver Safety Week, Governor Cuomo announced an innovative new campaign designed to educate teens about the dangers of unsafe driving. Known as Coaches Care, the new campaign is encouraging athletic coaches in schools to discuss driving issues with their students.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, auto accidents are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States. Issues like driver inexperience, lack of seat belt usage, speeding, drunk driving, and texting while driving put teen drivers at a much higher risk of injury or fatality.

“Coaches can have a significant and lasting impact on young adults, so we’re enlisting their help to encourage teenagers to always drive responsibly. Proper driving habits can make all the difference when it comes to preventing unnecessary tragedies,” said Governor Cuomo.

As part of the campaign, posters will be placed throughout school classrooms and hallways, displaying information on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration\’s (NHTSA) “5 to Drive” list. The list features five rules for combating the dangers of texting, lack of safety belts, drinking, speeding, and extra passengers.

DMV Executive Deputy Commission Terri Egan said, “Keeping New Yorkers safe on the road is our top priority, and many of the dangerous situations teens may encounter on the road can be prevented.”

In addition to the safety issues, junior drivers need to be aware of the potential consequences unsafe driving can have on their driving record. Committing a serious traffic offense (3 points or more) while holding a junior permit or license can cause driving privileges to be suspended for 60 days. If another violation is committed within the next 6 months, your permit or license can be revoked for 60 days.

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