NY Driver Accuses NYPD of Taking His Mercedes for a Joy Ride

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A man was recently caught running a red light in New York. Although this is hardly a jailable offense, the New York Police Department arrested him and threw him in prison.


The police claim that while searching the driver’s vehicle, they found 13 fake credit cards, and as a result he was arrested on charges of criminal possession of a forged instrument and taken to jail.

Meanwhile, his Mercedes-Benz coupe was impounded by the police.

He posted bail and was released the following week.

However, a few weeks after posting a $3,500 bail and returning home, he discovered that a traffic ticket was issued against him for running a red light during the time that he was incarcerated and while his car was in police custody.

Apparently, the vehicle was parked at the Springfield Gardens Auto Pound in Queens.

The driver told the NY Post, “My first reaction was, ‘Are you guys serious?’ I had a whole bunch of emotions running through my mind. I felt violated. I don’t know if they could have committed a crime in my vehicle. I was really shocked. I was mad.”

He also noted that his Mercedes had taken a beating.

“My back window was broken, my driver’s-side door was keyed, and my bumper was scratched up,” he revealed.

“They were driving my car with the windows down and having a ball joy riding my vehicle.”

As of yet, the NYPD declined to comment on the incident and only reported that it is unknown to them whether the alleged joy-rider was a police officer or a civilian employee.

Nevertheless, the NYPD did not dispute the troubling incident.

Additionally, regarding the damages to the car, a police source told the NY Post that the driver did not make any complaints when he repossessed the Mercedes-Benz from the auto pound.


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