NY to Ban Traffic Fees on Dismissed Cases

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Beginning in April 2016, New York will prohibit courts from collecting administrative fees or other fines and surcharges on traffic cases where the violations are dismissed. Prior to this new law, motorists who fought a traffic ticket in court and had it dismissed would still face $30 or more in fees.

The problem arose because of the difference between a case being dismissed and a driver being found not guilty. When cases are heard in court and defendants are found not guilty, no fees can be assessed. However, that rule did not apply when a case was dismissed or thrown out prior to a hearing taking place.

Queens Democratic Assemblyman Michael DenDekker sponsored the law, arguing that charging drivers for dismissed tickets creates an undue burden. He cited many complaints from drivers who were charged an administrative fee just for showing up to court.

Suffolk County was first criticized for charging a whopping $50 for dismissed tickets, a move which generated approximately $400,000 in revenue between April and December 2013. The county ultimately stopped charging fees later that year and even returned over $250,000 of the fees. Nassau County also came under fire, but unlike Suffolk, did not change their policies to ban the fees.

Governor Cuomo officially signed the bill into law on Dec. 22, 2015. The law will take effect around April 1 and will  pertain to all New York municipalities. “My advice to anybody who has any violation, specifically in Nassau County, is to postpone as long as you can, until April first,” said DenDekker.

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