NJ Crack Down On Teens Drivers

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Young adults who will be learning to drive would likely face an extended route to a driver’s license, under a rigid new teen-driver safety law offered in the New Jersey Legislature. There is no doubt that teen drivers contain a certain judgment. No matter how good a teen’s driving skills may be, their age can make them volatile, irresponsible, and inexperienced.

Adam Rosenblum who is a New York Traffic Lawyer states “teens are prone to traffic tickets and speeding tickets, I would say 20 percent of my phone calls are from parents of teens who have violated New York and New Jersey traffic laws“.

The bill advanced by the Assembly Transportation Committee in an 8-0 vote would build on previous teen driver safety efforts, such as decals signifying the driver who are under 18, and a maximum of one passenger. Teens with a driving learner’s permit would be required to take a teen driver-orientation course, and the teenagers would also have to practice driving for up to 100 hours. The bill would also increase the current six-month driver permit period to one year, making New Jersey just one of the strictest teen driver safety laws in the America.

The Bill would require 16-year-old permit holders to have 50 hours of practice driving, on top of the 6 hours of professional driver training that is current required by NJ law. New drivers 17 or older are not required to take the six hours of professional training. But these teens would be obliged to take 100 hours of practice driving – or they could have the option to take six hours of professional driving instruction and 50 hours of practice.

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