MTA Investing $27 Billion to Redesign Subway Stations and Cars

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new subway car interior

MTA car upgrades will include wider doors, USB charging stations and an Open Car End design.

New York City’s subway is getting a major overhaul over the next five years that will include new cars, revamped entrances, and more. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will invest $27 billion to renew and expand its network, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on July 18.

Of the more than 1,000 new subway cars MTA plans to roll out, 750 will feature Open Car End designs. The Open Car End eliminates the door between cars in order to create longer open spaces. This will make it easier for passengers to move between cars and also increase capacity. The design is already common in Toronto, London, and Paris.

All of the new subway cars will feature wider doors so passengers can exit and enter faster, reducing time spent at each station. The cars will also be outfitted with UBS chargers, WiFi, and security cameras.

In addition, more than 31 subway stations will be redesigned throughout the metro area. They’ll feature improved lighting, better signage to help travelers navigate stations, countdown clocks, improved cellular connectivity, WiFi access, and real-time updates regarding on-time performance at subway entrances.

According to the Daily Intelligencer, all subway stations should be fully renovated by 2018, and all new cars online by 2023. Fares are not expected to go up to fund the project.

Despite the fact that 56% of NYC households do not own a car – the most of any city in the country – the Big Apple ranks fifth for the most traffic-congested. Improving the subway system could go a long way towards reducing traffic and congestion on NYC’s roadways.

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