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Islandia Sues Suffolk County for Lost Parking and Traffic Ticket Revenue

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Islandia New York

The Village of Islandia, New York, which is suing Suffolk County over the County’s new Traffic and Parking Violations Authority (TPVA). (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

The Village of Islandia, located between Exits 57 and 59 on the Long Island Expressway, is suing Suffolk County for $1 million, alleging that the County’s new Traffic and Parking Violations Authority (TPVA) has improperly acted outside of its jurisdiction by processing tickets for violations that occurred inside Islandia and other villages “to their extreme detriment.”

Islandia claims that the TPVA’s actions have deprived it of substantial lost revenue from traffic and parking tickets. According to the village, the 5,550 decrease in number of tickets processed by the village court in 2013— a drop from 9,178 tickets in 2012 to only 3,628 tickets last year— has forced Islandia to raise property taxes on residents by 72 percent. Other villages within Suffolk County have similarly suffered revenue loss since the opening of the new traffic court, but Islandia has by far fared the worst, losing out on $270,000 of potential revenue from traffic tickets in 2013.

Open since April 1, 2013, Suffolk County’s Traffic and Parking Violations Authority has replaced the State’s former Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) in handling traffic cases in the County. It has already handled more than 50,000 cases and amassed over $10 million in ticket fines. The addition of the new court has made it so that the County, rather than New York State, is in charge of operations and can enjoy the revenue from violations. The outcome of Islandia’s suit will determine how much, if any, of that revenue belongs to the villages rather than the County and to whom drivers ticketed in Suffolk County will have to pay in the future.



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