Increase In Fines For Repeat Offenders

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Andrew Cuomo

It looks like years of being weak on enforcing the law and tolerating repeat offenses are coming to an end in New York as the state is getting serious about traffic violators, especially repeat offenders.  Over the past decade the State of New York has implemented new and better methods of identifying and issuing summonses to those that do not obey the rules of the road. For example, traffic cameras are being used in many areas across the state, taking pictures at high speeds to capture once-unenforceable crimes and traffic violations. Even less serious violations such as driving through a yellow light can be enforced with traffic cameras which can bring in significant revenue for towns, villages, police departments and New York State.

Repeat offenders face losing more money than ever before in new proposals made by state lawmakers. For example, one proposal increases the maximum fee facing a repeat offender for using a cell-phone while driving to $550. Lawmakers and those who benefit from the added revenue are excited that the laws are getting tougher and that the penalties will bring increased revenue.  Initial projections say that the change in law can bring around $16 million for the first year and $25 million in the years following that. As you can see, NY State expects many people to violate these laws and is counting on that fact to make money.

Repeat offenders are also facing stricter laws regarding plea deals, which often reduce violations to lesser violations that don’t appear on one’s driving record. Governor Cuomo wants to stop this, as many chronic violators would use these deals to avoid any serious or permanent consequences for their reckless and often very dangerous driving.  

Another consequence of these stricter laws is increased insurance premiums. If a driver is unable to get a good plea deal and ends up with points on his record, he may end up paying a lot more for car insurance. As you can see, the costs quickly mount for drivers who get tickets and don’t get them reduced or dismissed. It’s not just repeat offenders who will feel the pinch – Governor’s Cuomo’s law also wants to increase the surcharge on other, less expensive traffic violations, meaning anyone who breaks the law will have to spend more money. If you’re in trouble with the law because of your driving, consult a qualified attorney today. The professionals at the Rosenblum Law are familiar with traffic law in both New Jersey and New York and can help you find the best resolution to your traffic ticket situation. Call us now for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

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