Improper Turn Tickets in New York – VTL 1160(a) – 1160(e)

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February 14, 2013

A driver misses his/her turn and decides to make a U-turn, only to be pulled over by a police officer. Another driver makes a left turn at an intersection with a sign indicating no left turns. A third driver is in a right-turn lane but realizes too late he/she wants to go straight, and so continues forward and merges back into the lane to the left. All three are examples of improper turns in New York State. New York’s Vehicle & Traffic Law section 1160 covers left turns, right turns, and U-turns. There are five specific types of improper turns, each of which carries the same penalties. 

What Are the Penalties for an Improper Turn in NY?

Fine: An improper turn ticket in NY can cost up to $150 for a first offense. A second offense for an improper turn in 18 months can cost up to $300. A third offense can cost up to $450. 

Surcharge: Drivers convicted of an improper turn in NY will have to pay a mandatory state surcharge. This costs $88 or $93 depending on where the driver was ticketed. 

Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee (DRA): Drivers who accrue 6 or more points in 18 months as a result of traffic convictions are required to pay an additional fine known as the Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) fee. This penalty costs $300 plus $75 for each point after six. A DRA is paid directly to the DMV and is separate from fines associated with the ticket.

Points: Each conviction for an improper turn in NY results in 2 points on one’s license. Points accumulate for 18 months and too many can lead to additional fines (see above) and a possible suspended license

Auto insurance increase: Making an improper turn—be it an illegal U-turn or an illegal left down a one-way street—carries a high risk of causing an auto accident. As such, insurance companies take such tickets seriously and can raise rates by as much as 20% for a first offense. 

Defenses to Improper Turn Tickets in New York

The defense to an improper turn ticket will depend on the facts of the case. For example, a ticket for an illegal U-turn could be dismissed if the driver can show that there is no signage (or the signage is not clearly visible to a reasonable person) indicating that U-turns are not permitted in the area. However, it is not always possible to prevent prosecutors from proving that a driver made an improper turn. In most cases, the best scenario is to negotiate with prosecutors to reduce the ticket to a no-point, non-moving violation that will not impact one’s auto insurance rates. This is not easy for the average driver to do, as most prosecutors know that a driver stands little chance of beating a ticket at trial (not to mention the trial requires a full day off from work, which is not always easy to do). 

For all these reasons and more, a driver should hire a skilled traffic ticket attorney to handle the case for him/her. An attorney will have the best chance of getting the ticket reduced since the prosecutor will not want to risk losing a case at trial. Even better, if the driver has a valid case that could get the ticket dismissed, an attorney will know exactly how to present the facts so as to have the best chance of convincing the judge to dismiss the ticket. In most cases, an attorney can appear in court in lieu of the driver, meaning he/she won’t have to take time off from work or arrange of care of young children in order to fight the ticket. 

Types of Improper Turn Tickets in New York

Under VTL 1160, there are five types of improper turn tickets. They are: 

  • 1160(a): Improper right turn. “Both the approach for a right turn and a right turn shall be made as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway or, where travel on the shoulder or slope has been authorized, from the shoulder or slope.”
  • 1160(b): Improper left turn (two-way street). “At any intersection where traffic is permitted to move in both directions on each roadway entering the intersection, an approach for a left turn shall be made in that portion of the right half of the roadway nearest the center line thereof and by passing to the right of such center line where it enters the intersection and after entering the intersection the left turn shall be made so as to leave the intersection to the right of the center line of the roadway being entered. Whenever practicable the left turn shall be made in that portion of the intersection to the left of the center of the intersection.”
  • 1160(c): Improper left turn (one-way street). “At any intersection where traffic is restricted to one direction on one or more of the roadways, the driver of a vehicle intending to turn left at any such intersection shall approach the intersection in the extreme left-hand lane of the roadway lawfully available to traffic moving in the direction of travel of such vehicle or, where travel on the shoulder or slope has been authorized, from the shoulder or slope, and after entering the intersection the left turn shall be made so as to leave the intersection, as nearly as practicable, in the left-hand lane lawfully available to traffic moving in such direction upon the roadway being entered.”
  • 1160(d): Failed to turn as required. This is for drivers who are in a turn lane or other situations when they should make a turn but do not. The law states: “When markers, buttons, signs, or other markings are placed within or adjacent to intersections and thereby require and direct that a different course from that specified in this section be traveled by vehicles turning at an intersection, no driver of a vehicle shall turn a vehicle at an intersection other than as directed and required by such markers, buttons, signs, or other markings.”
  • 1160(e): U-turns. “U-turns shall be made from and to that portion of the highway nearest the marked center line. Where more than one lane of a highway has been designated for left turns, U-turns shall be made only from the lane so designated that is adjacent to the marked center line.”

There are other laws that also govern turns in specific scenarios. For example, VTL 1161(a) prohibits U-turns on hills or on roads that are curved. This is because such geographic scenarios make it difficult to see if other vehicles are approaching and for those approaching vehicles to slow down in time for a vehicle making a U-turn. Similarly, VTL 1161(b) makes it illegal to make a U-turn in a school zone. The penalties for these offenses are the same as those under section 1160: $150 maximum fine for a first offense and 2 points upon conviction. 

What Are the Basic Regulations When Making Turns In New York?

For U-Turns remember:

  • U-turns should always be made from the furthermost left lane and into the furthermost left lane when it is permissible by law. Always looks to see if there are any signs that are posted banning U-turns.

For right turns remember:

  • Drivers should approach and make a right turn as close as practicably possible to the right-hand curb
  • Remember to always use turn signals at least 100 feet before making the right turn.
  • At the traffic signal, a driver who is able to turn right on red must yield the right of way to oncoming traffic.

For Left turns remember:

  • Check for any signs that might prohibit one from making a left turn.
  • Unless the driver has a green left-turn arrow indicating he/she can make the left turn, he/she must yield to oncoming traffic at a traffic signal.
  • Also, remember to use a turn signal at least 100 feet before making the left turn.

An Improper Turn Can Lead to a Criminal Charge (Pretextual Stops)

Drivers who are pulled over for an improper turn can sometimes be exposed to possible criminal charges. In New York State, it is legal for police to conduct what is called a pretextual stop. In other words, the officer pulled over the driver for an allegedly valid traffic violation and then casually observed evidence of possible criminal activity. This could include the smell of marijuana, or clearly visible drug paraphernalia or weapons. As long as the supposed evidence is in “plain sight” (i.e. the officer does not have to search the car to find it) then it can be used to file a criminal charge. Drivers should always be aware of when an officer can and cannot search a vehicle, and should contact an attorney right away if a traffic stop leads to criminal charges.

This was the case in People v. Young, 96 Misc. 2d 710. Police pulled over a driver for an improper right turn. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer stated that he had seen the passenger reaching under the seat so as to store or retrieve an item. Officers ordered both driver and passenger out of the car at gunpoint. The officers then searched the area of the car where the passenger had been reaching and found a gun and several envelopes of alleged heroin. This prompted a fuller search that turned up more heroin, needles, and other drug paraphernalia. The defendant contested the criminal charges on the basis of the evidence being uncovered in an illegal search, claiming the police did not have reasonable suspicion simply because the passenger was reaching underneath the seat. The court rejected this argument, stating the plainly visible act of placing something out of sight of the police to be reason enough for police to suspect the object(s) in question to be possible evidence of a crime. 

Data on Improper Turns in New York

According to DMV data, more than 48,000 tickets for improper turns were issued in 2018 in New York State. This is slightly greater than the number of tickets issued for such offenses in 2017 (45,022). In fact, tickets for improper turns in New York State have been on the rise for the past 10 years. In 2009, drivers received just 18,000 tickets for improper turns, making up just 0.4% of all tickets issued that year. By 2018, improper turn tickets not only more than doubled, but they also constituted more than 1.3% of traffic tickets issued in the state. 

Improper Turn Tickets in New York State 2009 – 2018
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
18,105 18,200 19,312 19,172 22,833 26,905 32,963 37,611 45,022 48,453

More than 80% of improper turn tickets were issued in New York City. Manhattan by far had the most, with 23,536 such tickets. No other NY county came close. The second-most improper turn tickets were in the Bronx, where drivers received 6,486. It is followed by Brooklyn, which saw 5,785 last year. 

Common Questions About Improper Turns in New York

  • Are U-turns illegal in New York?

    It depends. A U-turn is technically permissible when the driver is making the turn to and from the lane nearest the marked center line between traffic going in different directions. When there are two turn lanes, the driver must be in the leftmost such turn lane and only turn into the leftmost lane in the opposite direction. However, a driver must be cognizant of signage that may make U-turns illegal at some intersections. In addition, a U-turn is always illegal in a school zone.

  • How much is a wrong turn ticket in NYC?

    An improper turn ticket in New York City and elsewhere in the state costs up to $150 for a first offense. A conviction means 2 points on one’s license.

  • Can you turn right on red in New York?

    In most parts of New York State, a right on red is permissible if the driver comes to a complete stop and there is no traffic in the lane into which one is making a turn. However, drivers should keep in mind:

    Some intersections may have No Right on Red signs that prohibit making a turn until the light has turned green.
    In New York City, the opposite is true: a right on red is never permissible except where signage indicates it to be legal.

  • Is not being from NYC or being licensed in a different state a valid defense to an improper turn ticket? 

    No. In New York State (including NYC), drivers are expected to know the rules of the road. A more likely defense would be if the kind of turn in question is normally permissible, but the signage indicating that it was not allowed at this intersection was missing or hidden from view. For this to work, one must have evidence of such claims.

Who Should I Contact for Help with an Improper Turn Ticket in NY?

If you or someone you love has been ticketed for an improper turn, consult with an attorney to see whether you should fight your ticket. Moving violations can have a major impact on your license and insurance rates. Contact Rosenblum Law today and find out how our team of skilled NY traffic ticket attorneys can help you fight your ticket. We have represented thousands of clients over the years and have saved clients from losing their license and hundreds of dollars in fines and increases to their insurance.

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Adam H. Rosenblum

Founding Attorney Of Rosenblum Law

Adam H. Rosenblum is an experienced and skilled traffic violations and criminal defense attorney. Mr. Rosenblum provides expert and aggressive representation to those facing points on their drivers’ licenses and the associated fines and surcharges.

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  1. I received my first ticket ever for a moving violation (in over 25 years of driving) today.. an illegal left turn. I simply was following my GPS which (w/ speech guidance) ) said make a left, and the Mapquest I had looked at earlier said to make a left there, too. There were signs that said no lefts... i didn't not see them. I did not look for them... I was more concerned with the crazy amount of pedestrians and not trying to hit anyone or a car. And I was late for an appointment. I'm generally a VERY safe driver. A cop saw me make the left, made me stop, gave me a summons. I cannot say that I did NOT make that turn. I am wondering 2 things:

    1. Does the fact that a GPS gave me these directions hold any weight at all towards judges's sympathies? I maybe able to save that trip n the iPhone. Also, the Mapquest printout clearly shows that in not only the step by step directions but on the map too.

    2) It looks like the cop made a mistake on one of the letters of my license plate when he noted it in the box. at least on the 2 copies I have. Perhaps the other 2 strokes of that letter came in stronger on his original copy, but from my summons you cannot tell that what looks like a L is supposed to be an E. If in fact he did mess up and wrote the wrong letter, does the judge need to throw it out, or have the option to consider that?

    Ironically, I finished my Defensive Driving Course yesterday, with no points to begin with, to lower my insurance bill.

    1. Marc,

      In answer to your first question, unfortunately the fact that your GPS/Mapquest told you to turn will not get you out of your ticket. At certain intersections there are times at which you cannot make certain turns (and generally this is during the times of the day when there is a high volume of traffic/ pedestrians to watch out for). In answer to your second question, the simple errors on the face of your ticket also will not get your ticket dismissed since the ticket can be amended. You can, however, fight your ticket and we can do that for you. The ticket you received is likely an improper left turn ticket which carries 2 points and a max fine/court fee of $235. If you just took a defensive driving course you probably already know how valuable it is to preserve your good driving record because once you have a violation on your record, your insurance will likely increase. Since you just took the time out of your day to do the course to get a reduced rate, you probably don't want to negate that result by pleading guilty and taking the points and the conviction.

  2. I was wrote a improper right turn ticket due to a accident that I was involved in on private property at a truck stop. There was no signs to tell you what way to go. How is that ticket legal?

  3. My name is James Best. I am 20 years old. I was driving my friend to the bus station last night when I turned into the left lane from three lanes over to drop him off. There were no cars on the road so I thought I was ok. Little did I know the officer stopped me to say I had made the improper turn. I didnt even know I violated anything myself.

    Two things.
    The officer said I broke a red light when I believe the light was yellow. But I was also not driving with a license as I had lost mine and was waiting for a new one to come in. The license was my fault. He seemed to give me a break with just a citation for an improper left turn. However he told me that if I fight it he will mention the broken red light.

    I dont want to fight it. I have only had my drivers license for less than two years this is my first ticket.
    What fine will I have to pay if I plead guilty and what can I do to reduce the fine?

    I am willing to take a defensive driving class to get the points off. I have the time because its the summer.

  4. I received a ticket for no right turn from 7to7 in Manhattan. The ticket has everything correct except my license plate is off by one letter. He wrote an n instead of a w. Do I have a chance to fight this ticket?

    1. Typically, the office does have the opportunity to correct that type of a mistake at trial and would be able to rely on his written notes. However, I would be happy to discuss what we could offer and other legal arguments that may help to prevail at trial.

      Lindsay Bernstein, Esq.
      Rosenblum Law Firm

  5. I received a ticket for an improper U turn.
    I was trying to enter a shopping center, and instead of turning left and breaking a double yellow line, I went further down to a light with a left turn lane. There were NO posted "No U-turn" signs. I did a u turn with a police officer behind me... and after explaining to him the above, he still issued me a ticket.

    1. In order to provide further assistance, we require the name of the court - as there are two court systems in NY that vary widely with their procedures.

  6. I rented a car and made a right turn at around 10:00 Am in Brooklyn where there was a sign that said no right turn 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. I made the turn on green. I've since learned there was a red light camera at the intersection. Do those cameras flag and ticket violations like mine?

    I reside and am licensed in California. Thanks

    1. Camera tickets are zero point violations. I suggest you pay this ticket as it is not likely worth your money hiring an attorney for a ticket of this nature.

  7. Hi, this morning on my way to work, I was making right turn on west 42nd street into 6 ave. Instead of using the right lane, I attempt to make right turn using the center lane. I was instantly issued two violation tickets "Improper turn" and "failed to yield right of way". Upon issuance of these two tickets, the officer even told me to plea not guilty on these ticket. How should I proceed it?

    1. I suggest you contest these tickets as they carry points, fines, and will likely have a substantial impact on your insurance rates. As this ticket will be under the jursidiction of the traffic violations bureau, there is no plea bargaining or negotiations possible. The only way to contest this ticket is by bringing this matter to trial.

  8. Hi, the morning of Jan 20 2016, I was making right turn on 23rd street into 6 ave north. because a car stopped on the right lane on 23rd street, all cars including police cars switched to central lane and then made the right turn into 6th avenue north using the center lane.
    I was instantly issued a violation tickets “Improper turn”. I mailed to NYS office to plea not guilty on this ticket. I was noticed to go to court in Feb. 2017.
    But I forgot to take pictures in that day and new current rules for this interaction is "no right turn".
    How should i prepare for the court hearing?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. This court system requires a trial, as there is no plea bargaining in the traffic violations bureau. The officer has the burden of proof in this court - which is clear and convincing evidence. Irrespective of the new signage, the issue is whether your initial offense violated the vehicle and traffic law. Generally speaking, it appears that this violation would qualify. If you would like to discuss further strategy, you may reach us for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

  9. I received a yellow driving summons while making an improper left turn on 11/10/16. I had no issue paying the fine except there is no amount on the summons. I have checked the DMV site regularly and it keeps telling me the ticket has not been entered into the system. It is now 12/1/16 and as of yet no info is available on their website. How do I go about handling this?

    1. It may take some time before a ticket is logged into the system. Please check that the information you entered into the NY DMV's site matches the ticket itself.

  10. I came off the high way onto a two lane road both going one way towards the light. I made a left turn from the right lane. There were no marking or signs saying anything. This is in the Bronx by the way. I got a ticket for improper turn. Can I fight it?

  11. Hello.
    I made a left turn from the middle lane.
    The right lane had a green turn arrow.
    However, due to traffic, there was no way for me to get into that lane.
    When the arrow turned green, I turned with the left lane.
    The police officer was sitting right in frnt so he did see me clearly
    Do I have a case? Or should I just pay the ticket and take the 2 point penalty?

    1. The issue here is whether the officer is able to prove that you were violating the statute by clear and convicining evidence (assuming this occurred under the jurisdiction of the traffic violations bureau). Thus, bringing this matter to trial and cross examining the officer will provide you with an opportunity to get your ticket dismissed.

  12. Entering Manhattan via Third Ave Bridge.
    Signs on bridge clearly show 2 lanes (2 down arrows) to get to Lex Ave
    I take the lane under the second (right most) arrow.
    That ends up as middle lane off bridge.
    Try to get into far left lane to make L onto Lex but am unable to do traffic and get pulled over.
    Directional on properly.
    Followed signs to Lex as indicated and then simply couldn't get over fast enough.
    Any case when contesting?

  13. Hi I am a limousine driver from ct last night I was driving in manhattan on 57 st btw 6th and 7th ave; I make a u turn and the middle of the street and a police man catch me and give me a ticket
    The question is can you help me out with this
    I have a comercial driver and i am worry about the points in the license
    If you can help me out
    Can you tell me how much can be

    1. If you would like to contest this 2 point ticket, you must plead not guilty and bring this matter to court. As there is no plea bargaining in this court system, a trial will be necessary in order to obtain a dismissal.

  14. I received a ticket making a right hand turn into the 86th st transverse at park ave. 1160a . Friday afternoon. I was in the middle lane. The right lane was marked Bus only on the ground and also in a sign for those hours, with no additional marking that right turns were allowed from that lane. There were police officers lined up right after the turn pulling cars over that made the turn from the middle lane. Do I have a defense to fight the ticket? Seems that I was obeying the law by not driving in the bus only lane. What do you think?

    1. Barbara - you are facing a 2 point ticket that will likely impact your insurance rates. I would be happy to provide guidance as to how you should contest this ticket. You may reach us at 888-883-5529.

  15. I was cited for an improper turn and the officer explicitly told me I would not receive points. Now, approximately 1.5 months later when they finally entered my ticket into the system it says there are points associated with it. I am absolutely willing to testify to this under oath and my wife was also in the car as a witness. Will this have any bearing in court?

    1. You may testify at your trial, and it may have some weight. However, you and your wife's testimony will likely be seen as biased. Where this occurred will also play an important part in how your case gets resolved.

  16. Hello. I was on Shelter Rock Road in North Hills Nassau County NY. I drove into the left lane (which had a left turn arrow marking on the ground) and made a U-turn. There were no signs where I turned. The cop said that U-turns are not allowed on that road. I looked it up on the towns website and it says what the cop said. I'm not from the area nor am I familiar with the area. Is there a chance that the judge will cut me a break and not give me points on my license?

    1. Pat - what type of offer you receive from the court will depend on numerous factors, including your previous record. Not being familiar with the area will unfortunately not be a defense here.

  17. Just recieved notice I've 3 tickets one illegal u turn
    Running a red light
    Driving without a license
    So one use my name but how do I prove this I think they gave my date of birth plus they use my ex wife address

    1. David - You need to plead not guilty and contest this ticket. Providing evidence that you were not physically at the location of the ticket incident will likely cause the court to dismiss the charges against you. I also suggest addressing any potential issues with a stolen identity.

  18. I was driving east in the right lane on 42nd St behind a truck. Approximately 100 feet from 11th Ave, the truck stopped in front of an apartment building very close to the corner and put on its flashers. I went around the truck. I was in the middle lane and traffic was coming up behind me. In front of the double parked truck was a taxi discharging a passenger. The right lane also had a solid white line. In addition, I had been to a doctor 2 days prior for intense pain in my right shoulder (I have the medical records). The pain was still present. I didn’t want to block traffic so I continued and made a wide turn from the middle lane onto 11th Ave after the solid white line ended. A cop was sitting half way between 42 & 41st streets on the east side of 11th Ave in his cruiser facing south. . He didn’t ask me any questions & gave me a 1163(a) ticket for an "Improper turn." He did not cite me for failure to signal. Isn't VTL1163(a) given for failure to signal? Shouldn't he have cited VTL 1160(a)? He couldn’t see the truck double parked on 42nd St. from his position. I’ve never received a ticket since I received my license 34 yrs. ago. Do I have a case?

    1. VTL 1163(a) is issued for 'unsafe turn without a signal.' A reading of the statute illustrates that it may be given for an unsafe turn, as well as an unsafe turn without a signal.

  19. I received my first ticket yesterday for an improper left turn. I took a left turn a little too tight and scraped the front end a a car stopped on the road i was turning on. I am 17, have my junior lisence and this is my first traffic violation. Should i try and fight the ticket?

  20. Hello,
    I live in New York City. I received an "Improper u-turn ticket" under Violation 1160(E). I was boxed in by a delivery truck on the service road, my only option was to go forward. In prder to get out. so I made a u turn at the stop light while it was on red, i was on the right side and I made a left u turn in front of the delivery truck which was double parked at the light. (On the service road) I Dont mind paying the fine but can i fight the points.. Also the officer wrote the incorrect expiration date for my registration.. do I have a case base on technicality? Basically he wrote expired on 8/31/2017, but it really expires 09/01/2019.

    1. Unfortunately, an error such as you have described will be viewed as 'clerical' in nature, and thus will not warrant a dismissal of the ticket against you. However, it is possible to contest this violation via the cross examination of the officer.

  21. Hello, I made a right turn off of 9 th Avenue towards the Lincoln Tunnel. I was following lots of other cars but got pullled over immediately because it said buses only from that lañe. I also did not see a small sign that said no right turn from 4 to 7 pm , it was around 5 pm and raining outside and I never saw that sign. I contested by mail and wrote what had happened instead of appearing in court, they gave me that option, I just received a guilty penalty saying I owe 138 dollars by the end of the month, I can appeal this again for 10 dollars and the appeals board will determine and look at the penalty only! But I would have to plead guilty! I live in NJ and don't have the money to pay this! So many other cars made the same right turn but didn't get pulled over! It was random!mwhat should I do? Thanks Rose

    1. Rose - based solely on the facts that you have presented to me, I believe an appeal would have a low probability of success in this jurisdiction. It should be noted the actions of other drivers would generally not have any impact on your case.

  22. Our driver (employee) was issued a ticket for "Improper Turn" because his front blinker bulb was broken and he were not aware--one minute it worked and then it didn't. They did not issue an equipment ticket. The police were in front of him--the rear blinker was working. The front blinker was repaired the same day and we have a receipt. However as it was "improper turn" would that have any effect on the ticket? The policewoman said he should have put his arm out the window. Not sure if its better to fight or pay. We can pay the fine but he'll be stuck with the points.

    1. I suggest contesting this violation. Please provide the violation code in order that we may provide further insight into this ticket.

  23. I live in NJ I was looking for parking for Church located on W 51th. I was on broadway and I made a right on green light on but did not notice there was a sign or two now that is saw them that stated no right turn. I was pulled over the officer stated he had camera recording everything. He gave me violation code 1110a which I look up is for running a red light also wrote wrong plate number. As I didn't do that do I have fighting chance in having the judge dismiss the ticket. based that his camera would prove I didn't run the red light and obviously he doesn't know his ticket violation codes. As I believe he gave me the wrong ticket violation code and wrote wrong plate number

    1. Aixa - the officer gave you a ticket for a 'disobey traffic control device' violation. This broad statute can arguably include a violation that you have described. While generally speaking, clerical errors will not result in the dismissal of a ticket - I would suggest contacting us to discuss this particular situation due to the numerous inconsistencies present with your ticket.

  24. Hi-

    I got a ticket for making a left turn when I shouldn't have.

    The description is 1110A "Disobeyed Traffic Control Device / Sign"

    Should I fight it?

    Thanks. Carlos

    1. Carlos - While I would suggest contesting this violation, the procedures by which to do so vary based on the court that has jurisdiction over your case.

    1. Hello Tony, thank you for your question. I would need more information to better help as there are differing procedures based on the location of the incident. Please contact us at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation.

  25. Hi,
    I live in nyc and I made a u turn on my left hand side. There were no signage showing I can’t turn or anything. I proceeded to make a u turn when it was a safe and got a violation
    Can I fight this in court saying that there are no signage ?

    1. Hello Wing and thank you for your question. To answer, yes you can fight this in court. I would suggest contacting us at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation and to obtain a more thorough assessment of the likelihood of success on your case.

  26. Hi, I was alleged to be a driver in Greenburgh, Westchester and somehow got a ticket for an 1106(d) and then they wrote "illegal Left Turn". The kicker is I wasn't driving.

    When I told the judge I wasn't a driver and that I wasn't driving. Gave me a PARKER WARNINGS notice that I refused to sign because they wouldn't answer my questions so I wrote "without prejudice". Then the Judge noted I refused to sign my name because i wrote "without prejudice". Yet the town attorney/paralegal ellen franzese changed the charge to a 1202(b)(2) on july 17, 2019. Yet signed it 6-26-19 a few weeks earlier claiming I plead guilty.

    they found me guilty and charging a fee for it... what a bunch of criminals.

    refused to provide evidence of juris on the record, refused to explain the nature of the charge, and refused to specifically tell me what jurisdiction I was standing in.

    And that cop P.O. Zenon straight up lied on the ticket, and stole my identity to put on it too...

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