Geico Contributes $1.3 Million to Combat Distracted Driving

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Photo courtesy Intel Free Press via Flickr.

Photo courtesy Intel Free Press via Flickr.

Geico is partnering with New York to sponsor the state’s 52 Text Stops. The insurance giant will spend $1.3 million to continue rebranding highway rest stops in an effort to combat distracted driving.

The goal of the Text Stop program, which started three years ago, is to encourage drivers to pull over at designated points rather than texting while driving. None of the state’s text stops are new constructions; all are refurbished or rebranded rest stops, park-and-rides, or parking areas. The state will use the money from Geico to pay for new signage to better advertise the presence of text stops, as well as for maintenance of the stops themselves.

New York has 31 Interstate Highways that make up 1,674 miles of roadway, so it’s unlikely that 52 Text Stops will put an end to all texting while driving.  In addition, distracted driving extends beyond texting to encompass any use of an electronic device. This includes apps, handheld GPS units, music players, and cameras. A distracted driving ticket can cost between $250 and $400 and carry up to 5 points on your license.

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