How Not to Fight a Parking Ticket: A Bad Eggs-ample

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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

An irate Brooklyn resident came up with a hard-boiled solution for fighting parking tickets: tossing eggs.

According to the NY Daily News, David Prisco, 36, spotted traffic agents ticketing his illegally parked Lexus on Broadway in Williamsburg. Immediately, he hatched a plan. Prisco scrambled to find some raw eggs, which he then began hurling at the agents. When the agents refused to chicken out, he charged at them, waving fists and making verbal threats.

The antics didn’t go over easy, and Prisco was whisked away by police. He was charged with obstructing government administration, menacing, and harassment, prosecutors said.

Sokunbi Olufemi, executive vice president of CWA Local 1182, the union that represents traffic agents, said the incident was not unusual. “This is what my members go through every day,” he told the NY Daily News. “Our job is very risky. Our members’ lives are on the line every day because when you take the money from the public’s pocket, they don’t like you.”

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