E-Book Reveals Tips on Successfully Fighting NY Cell Phone Tickets

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In Adam H. Rosenblum’s new e-book, How to Fight a New York Cell Phone Ticket, he explains everything from proper procedure for responding to a NY cell phone ticket to making the right arguments on the day of your court appearance.

You can download a free copy of Adam’s e-book How To Fight A New York Cell Phone Ticket by liking his facebook page, or you can buy it on amazon.com.

The book lays out the history of New York’s cell phone law along with insights about up and coming changes to it that all drivers should be aware of.

For example, Mr. Rosenblum reveals that the United States and the state of New York have proposed banning the use of all electronic devices while driving. This would include the hands-free devices that we have all come to rely on (like Bluetooth headsets).

He also details what it really means to “use” an electronic device while driving, what never to tell a police officer when pulled over, and what to do in the event you lose your ticket or forgot where to go for your court appearance.

Moreover, Mr. Rosenblum’s e-book will help you better understand how to conduct yourself if you choose to take your case to trial on your own. He tells the reader how to properly address the court, what supporting documents to bring, and how to make persuasive arguments that generally help a judge rule in your favor.

The e-book is being offered completely free of charge and is available for the Kindle, iPhone, Nook, and in .PDF format.

Mr. Rosenblum’s primary area of practice involves fighting traffic tickets, but he also has a great deal of experience defending individuals who have been charged with crimes, representing those who have been personally injured in accidents, and handling denials of disability benefits.

Whether you need a good criminal defense attorney, personal injury lawyer, or an advocate to help get you out of a NY traffic ticket, Adam H. Rosenblum of Rosenblum Law is the first person you should turn to. Call him today at 888-815-3649.

Driver texting while driving.

Texting while driving in New York (Photo source: Flickr)

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