Drunk Cop Who Killed MIT Student Fired

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handcuffedThe rookie cop who drove his car onto a Williamsburg sidewalk, killing a pedestrian and injuring three others, has been fired, the NYPD says. Nicholas Batka, 28, had been drinking with colleagues earlier in the night. Those officers are also under investigation and have been placed on modified duty, according to CBS New York.

According to police, Batka, 28, was driving west on North 8th Street at about 3 a.m. on July 16 in his 2012 Dodge Durango. He tried to turn right onto Bedford Avenue, but instead hopped the curb and struck four pedestrians. News reports say Batka was kept in his car by witnesses who feared he was going to flee the scene. He was arrested and charged with manslaughter, assault, and driving while intoxicated, among other charges. He posted a $300,000 bond and was released.

Andrew Esquivel, 21, was killed in the incident. Esquivel was from Healdsburg, CA and had been attending MIT on a full scholarship. He was in New York interning for the mobile marketing company Appboy. In a statement, Appboy described Esquivel as “a vibrant young man and we are grateful to have gotten the chance to know him through his work on the intern team at Appboy. Our entire team has Drew and his family in our thoughts.”

The other victims include Sophia Tabchouri, 20; Divya Menezes, 23; and James Balchunas, 24. Tabchouri also attends MIT and Balchunas is an alum. Menezes studies at New York University.

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