Don’t Let Your Luck Run Out This St. Patrick’s Day

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It’ll take more than a four-leaf clover to keep you from getting ticketed this St. Patrick’s Day. From Friday, March 17 through Sunday, March 19, police will be cracking down on drunk driving and other traffic violations as part of New York State’s STOP-DWI enforcement campaign for St. Patrick’s Day.

State and local law enforcement will be stepping-up the number of marked and unmarked patrols throughout the three-day campaign and will also be setting up random DWI checkpoints. Drivers should expect police to crack down on speeding, distracted driving, seat belt violations, and other moving violations.

During last year’s St. Patrick’s Day crackdown police issued more than 17,000 tickets for traffic violations, including distracted driving, speeding, and failing to move over for emergency vehicles. Police also charged more than 500 people with alcohol-related infractions, with more than 20% of the arrests taking place on St. Patrick’s Day.

Driving with a BAC of 0.08% or higher can result in being charged with drunk driving. A conviction means facing more than $1,000 in fines and up to one year in prison. The judge could also require the installation of a $700 interlock device. In addition, drunk driving convictions can have a devastating impact on your insurance premiums or even result in you being dropped by your insurer altogether.

Don’t count on the Luck of the Irish to get you out of a drunk driving charge – count on a skilled attorney instead. If you or a loved one has been charged with drunk driving or any other traffic violation as part of the STOP-DWI St. Patrick’s Day Crackdown, contact the Rosenblum Law right away. Our attorneys have extensive experience fighting alcohol and other traffic-related charges. Email or call 888-203-2619 for a free consultation about your case.

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