Dangerous Driving Crackdown Nets 12,000+ Tickets

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NYPD Traffic Police Car

NYPD patrols stepping up traffic enforcement (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

The NYPD has released the results of the dangerous driving initiative that ended on November 22, 2015. The crackdown was enacted as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan and focused on reducing car accidents and injuries to pedestrians. Over 1,700 police officers throughout all 77 precincts took part and the enforcement initiative yielded more than 12,000 tickets, broken down as follows:

Speeding: 7,555 citations
Talking on Cell Phone While Driving: 2,938 citations
Texting While Driving: 1,066 citations
Failure to Yield to Pedestrians: 1,795 citations

While some are skeptical of Vision Zero’s effectiveness, pedestrian fatalities have decreased approximately 30% since 2013. According to data released by the Mayor’s office, there have been 104 pedestrian fatalities this year as compared to 117 in 2014 and 138 in 2013. Similarly, traffic deaths due to car accidents have dropped to 188 so far this year, compared to 223 in 2014 and 235 in 2013.

Fines for traffic citations can range from as low as $203 to thousands of dollars. Violations can also result in points on your record, an increase in your insurance premiums, and a possible license suspension. The only way to prevent points from appearing on your record is to fight the ticket in court. If you were issued a New York traffic citation during the dangerous driving blitz or at any other time, contact the Rosenblum Law at 888-883-5529 for a free consultation with one of our experienced traffic attorneys.

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