Crackdown Roundup: A Look at the STOP-DWI Initiatives of 2016

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Photo courtesy James Palinsad via Flickr.

Photo courtesy James Palinsad via Flickr.

On Thursday, Jan. 5 Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced results of the final STOP-DWI crackdown of the year. It ran from Dec. 16 through Jan. 1 and included state police as well as local law enforcement agencies. Officers issued more than 33,000 tickets for various driving infractions, including 11,000 tickets for speeding, more than 1,000 for distracted driving, and 421 for violations of the move over law. Troopers also arrested 571 people for drunk driving and investigated 644 personal injury accidents.

The Holiday ticket blitz was one of eight that ran throughout the year. Here are some quick facts about the various STOP-DWI crackdowns that took place in 2016:

  • Superbowl weekend was the shortest crackdown, and ran for only 3 days.
  • St. Patrick’s Day crackdown had the highest percentage of reported alcohol-related infractions at 3% (most others were around 2%).
  • Memorial Day crackdown saw the highest number of reported tickets issued per hour: 11,946 in 4 days (124/hour)
  • Halloween crackdown had the largest increase in reported crashes, up 30% over 2015.
  • Holiday crackdown was the longest, running 18 days from December 16 to January 2. Naturally, it also saw the most number of tickets issued.

A conviction for drunk driving can be devastating. In addition to $1,000 in fines and up to one year in prison, it can also lead to your license being suspended or even revoked. Other possible consequences include the installation of a $700 interlock device and mandatory attendance of a victim impact program. A DWI on your driving record can also cause your auto insurance premiums to skyrocket – in fact, drunk driving is the most expensive traffic violation in New York in terms of impact on premiums, according to one study.

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