Charlotte’s Law Gains Traction

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As summer rapidly approaches, people all across New York are having barbeques, backyard parties, and going out to bars.

As a result, New York is seeing a rise in the amount of drunk drivers roaming the roads at all hours of the night and day. Many people are worried for the safety of the public and are pushing to pass a law that would permanently revoke the license of any driver who habitually breaks the law in a life-threatening manner.

The law is called “Charlotte’s Law” and is in memory of Charlotte Gall of Schenectady, who was killed in January 2010 by a driver who had been involved in at least 10 car accidents and cited for 23 prior traffic violations.

The driver who caused her death never served a day in prison. However, his license was revoked for one year and he paid a $100 fine. New York legislators are again pointing out that driving is a privilege and not a right. They are arguing that those who constantly endanger the lives of others while on the road do not deserve to have such a privilege.

Under the proposed law, if you are convicted three times for DUI/DWI, violate VTL-1146 three times (i.e. hit a pedestrian, domesticated animal, or biker), or cause the death of another driver three times, you would never again be allowed to drive in the State of New York.Critics are calling this the most stringent driving law in the entire nation and do not believe that it will pass due to its inflexibility.

However, supporters of the bill believe that if you are foolish enough to commit these heinous offenses three times in 25 years, then you ought to lose your ability to drive.

Republican Assemblyman Jim Tedisco explained that families have a right to know that their loved ones will be protected from serial drunk drivers and those who have thrice endangered the welfare of others.

If passed, this law would literally mean three strikes and you are out.

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