Bicycle Safe Passage Initiative Launched in NYC

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nyc bike ridingFrom May 16 to May 20, the New York Police Department will be focusing on helping bicyclists safely navigate the streets of New York City. Named Bicycle Safe Passage, the new initiative was launched in response to the high number of fatalities and injuries inflicted on bicyclists as a result of careless driving. Every year in New York City, over 4,000 individuals are seriously injured in traffic accidents and around 250 are killed. Bicycle Safe Passage is part of Vision Zero, New York’s ongoing mission to whittle the number of fatalities down to zero.

Officers in all five boroughs will be handing out tickets for speeding, reckless driving, unsafe lane changes, distracted driving, and other infractions that endanger bicyclists. In addition, traffic enforcement officials will be ticketing cars parked in bike lanes or No Standing zones as well as those that are double parked. Through these efforts, Bicycle Safe Passage aims to set up safe conditions for the approximately 750,000 New Yorkers who will be riding bikes in the coming summer months.

Warmer weather means more people out on the streets, increased vigilance by traffic police, and more tickets for New York drivers who break the law.  Violating any of New York’s numerous traffic laws can result in points, fines and surcharges, marks on a driving record, and increased insurance rates. Drivers may also be prosecuted criminally for serious driving related offenses.

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