ALERT: Cell Phone Ticket Blitz This Weekend

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B.C.'s distracted driving law saves livesThe summer is quickly approaching and it’s time for New Yorkers to be on the lookout once again for police officers looking to crackdown on traffic violations.  There are many violations that a police officer can pull you over for but in particular there are two that you can be sure the New York Police Department will be targeting this summer.  They are catching drivers using their cellphones and speeding.

This week the New York State Police put into effect “Operation Hang Up”.  If you have a habit of using a cell phone while driving, you might want to heed this warning to invest in a bluetooth device or take a pledge not to use your cell phone while driving.  This includes picking it up to tell someone you will call them back or holding the phone in your hand to check the GPS.

Last year, police officers in New York handed out over 65,000 tickets for use of electronic devices while driving. Many of these officers are driving around in unmarked police cars looking for the tell-tale signs that a driver is using their cell phone.  Some are more obvious than others, with their elbow well rested on the driver’s side door and their hand to their ear while others are holding their phone with the speaker on.As technology gets better and better the urge to hold the phone and check email, sports scores, weather, stocks, navigation and even do some online shopping can make a driver behind the wheel very dangerous to everyone on the road including himself.  Many drivers believe that they are not a danger on the road having driven thousands of times with their cell phone and never involved in an accident.  However the statistics are there and they are only getting worse that drivers using a cell phone while driving are distracted behind the wheel and are involved in accidents that have often been fatal.

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