NJ State Police Launching 6-Day Ticket Blitz on Turnpike

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If you’re driving along I-95 through New Jersey this week make sure to keep your seatbelt fastened, your cell phone in your pocket, and your speed below the posted limit.

NJ Turnpike Northbound at exit 8A

Extra NJ State Police patrols will be cruising the length of the Turnpike on the lookout for traffic violations this week. (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

In a rare ticket blitz announcement, New Jersey State Troopers are letting it be known that from March 24 through March 29th there will be extra patrols along the length of the Turnpike looking for traffic violations. Special attention will be given to drivers who are speeding, talking or texting on their cell phones, or not wearing their seat belts.

There will also be separate patrols specifically on the lookout for truck and bus violations.

This six-day blitz is a part of the larger “2015 I-95 Challenge” which includes 15 total law enforcement agencies, all stepping up enforcement along I-95 to reduce crashes and increase road safety. It is also a part of the “Drive to Save Lives” campaign organized by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), whose goal is to reduce fatalities along U.S. highways.

While it is uncommon for New Jersey to announce these types of extra enforcement periods, New York State Troopers do so regularly, most recently for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. These ticket blitz announcements help guide public perception that traffic enforcement really is about safety, rather than just generating revenue.

If you are issued a traffic ticket in New Jersey you could be subject to fines, points, and insurance rate increases. If you ignore the ticket, you can have your license suspended and a bench warrant issued for your arrest. The only way to prevent these consequences is to plead “Not Guilty” and fight your ticket.

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