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Troopers Announce 4-Day Ticket Blitz on New York State Thruway

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The New York State Police just announced that NY is joining forces with fourteen other states to increase traffic enforcement along the most highly traveled interstate in the country. They are calling it the I90/94 Challenge.

This four-day effort is aimed at saving lives by cracking down on dangerous driving offenses.

From August 1 through August 4, the entire New York State Thruway will be diligently patrolled by officers looking to issue traffic tickets to unsuspecting drivers.

The I90/94 Challenge is focusing on seat belt and safety restraint use, speeding, impaired driving, distracted driving, and the unsafe driving behaviors of large trucks and buses.

NY State Thruway

The New York State Thruway near Middletown, NY. State Police will be stepping up enforcement along the Thruway August 1-4 during the I90/94 Challenge. (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

In New York, the police will be utilizing electronic messaging boards, posters in all rest areas, and even a social media campaign called #9094challenge to catch drivers breaking New York’s vehicle and traffic laws.

New York State Police Superintendent Joseph A. D’Amico is taking this campaign and ticket blitz extremely seriously.

He recently explained, “The New York State Police are dedicated to traffic safety and all ongoing efforts to prevent the tragic deaths that occur on our roadways. By partnering with law enforcement in 14 other states and sending this united message of traffic safety we are confident we can make our highways safer for everyone.”

The Superintendent also noted that The New York State Thruway has recently experienced its safest years in history.

However, he hastened to say that more than 33,000 people are killed in traffic crashes each year across the nation and many of those fatalities happen on I-90 and I-94. According to him, these figures were the reason behind the I90/94 Challenge.

Through the ticket blitz campaign, law enforcement officials hope to meet the following targets during the four day Challenge across the nearly 5,700 mile corridor:

  • Zero fatalities
  • Fewer than 69 injury crashes
  • Fewer than 263 total crashes
  • Fewer than 6 alcohol related crashes
  • Fewer than 29 crashes involving a large truck or bus

The 15 states participating in the challenge are:

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This post was written by Adam H. Rosenblum Esq.

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