New York State Trooper issuing traffic ticket

Two NY State Police Ticket Blitzes Start Today!

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After a cold, snowy winter April has finally arrived and, as tourist season begins, the New York State Police have hit the road with several traffic ticket blitzes – including two starting today.

New York State Trooper issuing traffic ticket

A New York State Trooper issuing a traffic ticket—something we expect to see a lot of during the current ticket blitzes.

Last week brought “Operation Hang Up,” a crackdown focusing on cell phone users and distracted driving which ran from April 10-15. Troopers used both marked cruisers and unmarked CITE (Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement) vehicles to try to catch drivers talking or texting on their cell phones or being distracted by other electronic devices.

Today, right on the heels of Operation Hang Up come two new blitzes: Operation Safe Stop and Speed Week.

As the State Police announcement mentions, “Operation Safe Stop is a public awareness and enforcement effort to educate motorists that passing a stopped school bus when children are loading or unloading, is both dangerous and illegal.”

A ticket for passing a stopped school bus carries 5 points, a fine up to $400, a court surcharge of $88-93, and up to 30 days in jail. A second conviction within 3 years of the first can mean a $750 fine and 180 days in jail!

Along with Operation Safe Stop, today also ushers in a Speed Week campaign running through Wednesday, April 22nd. As the name implies, there will be extra state troopers patrolling New York’s roadways on the lookout for speeding, as well as aggressive driving, ‘Move Over Law’ violations, and other traffic infractions.

The previous Speed Week blitz occurred in August 2014 when over 22,000 tickets were handed out for speeding and other violations.

While critics argue that these blitzes are nothing more than revenue generating schemes for the state, government and police officials reiterate safety as the motive. As New York State Police Superintendent Joseph A. D’Amico stated, “The public can do their part to keep our streets safe simply by slowing down. We want everyone to follow the posted speed limits and to watch their speed. These actions will increase a driver’s chances of making it to their destination safely.”

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