Nearly 1,300 Tickets Issued During Pedestrian Safety Campaign

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pedestrianwalksignPolice agencies throughout New York State issued nearly 1,300 tickets and more than 1,400 warnings to drivers and pedestrians as part of a pedestrian safety enforcement campaign. During the two-week campaign, which ran from June 20 through July 3, law enforcement agencies across upstate New York and Long Island patrolled pedestrian walkways, handing out warning notices and tickets to drivers and pedestrians found violating the law.

A related ongoing safety education campaign emphasizes a “See! Be Seen!” message to raise driver and pedestrian awareness. The initiative is being implemented by the State Department of Transportation, Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, and State Department of Health. It includes an in-depth Pedestrian Safety Action Plan, broken down as follows:

  • The State Department of Transportation will work to minimize the potential for pedestrian crashes by implementing low-cost countermeasures at 2,000 crosswalks without traffic signals and 2,400 signalized intersections.
  • The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee will provide education for law enforcement and organize annual pedestrian safety law enforcement blitzes.
  • The State Department of Health will develop public service announcements, provide training for safety organizations, and engage local traffic safety boards, schools, and others in public outreach.

According to the Governor’s Office, approximately 300 pedestrians are killed and 15,000 are injured by motor vehicles each year in the state. “This multi-pronged effort is setting new standards that will help make our roadways safer for motorists and pedestrians alike,” Gov. Cuomo said. “I commend the law enforcement agencies in these 26 counties for partnering with us in this important initiative, and for their continued vigilance and tireless work to protect all New Yorkers.”

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