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July 13, 2021

Dispute su multa. Ahórrese dinero.


Sobre el Bufete Rosenblum Law

El bufete de abogados Rosenblum es el bufete de abogados de infracciones de tráfico más grande y con mejor calificación en NY y NJ. Con una tasa de éxito general de más del 90%, nuestra compañía ha ayudado a miles de clientes a obtener excelentes resultados. Nuestros abogados se enorgullecen de trabajar sin descanso para alcanzar el mejor resultado posible. Para más informacion acerca de costos de multas de tráfico en la Ciudad de Nueva York, haga clic aquí. 

Si usted ha recebido una multa de trafico y tiene una licencia de conducir comercial (CDL), haga clic aquí.

Si usted ha recebido una multa de trafico de Velocidad en el Estado de Nueva York, haga clic aquí.

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Client Reviews

Amir Kodzic

Amir Kodzic

9 days ago
Rosenblum Firm managed to dismiss my 5-point cell phone ticket in Manhattan. It was well worth the attorney fee. The staff was very professional and courteous. I highly recommend this firm.
Michael Grady

Michael Grady

2 months ago
I am blown away with the outcome of my experience with Rosenblum Law Firm. Unfortunately passing through NY on my way home to CT I got pulled over going 91, I thought my goose was cooked. I contacted Rosenblum and within a couple of months my ticket had been reduced to a parking ticket. I can not express my gratitude for keeping my record clean. Thank you Rosenblum for outstanding more
Park Alex

Park Alex

3 months ago
ROSENBLUM LAW FIRM is the best! They successfully reduced my three points stop sing ticket to a no point. They handled everything from one to ten. So I did not need anything. I HIGHLY recommend using them for their great services.
Aron Pizow

Aron Pizow

3 months ago
Was put in contact with the firm through a friend and couldn't be more pleased. They were very informative and created realistic expectations. Very responsive to my calls and emails. And delivered on the final result. Highly recommend.


3 months ago
Rosenblum Law Firm helped me resolve my 8 point speeding ticket in the states into a different ticket with no points into my record. I'm a Canadian and the state I got the ticket would transfer toward my Canadian record. I really appreciate all the communication and immediate action as soon as I asked for a quick consultation. It is definitely worth the price you are paying for as you can trust these guys to get the job done and update you as they progress or whenever you need a weekly update for yourself. 5/5 would recommend more
Michael Kowalski

Michael Kowalski

4 months ago
The Rosenblum Law Firm is the real deal. I received a speeding ticket on the New York State Thruway and was facing 6-points on my license and over a $750 fine. After a quick phone consultation with one of the attorneys at Rosenblum, I felt confident that representation was the right choice. In less than a month, I received written notification that my charge was reduced to a 0-point violation and $150 fine. No points, no insurance surcharge, no trip to court, no problem. Thanks, Rosenblum Law Firm!read more

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Author Bio

Adam H. Rosenblum

Founding Attorney Of Rosenblum Law

Adam H. Rosenblum is an experienced and skilled traffic violations and criminal defense attorney. Mr. Rosenblum provides expert and aggressive representation to those facing points on their drivers’ licenses and the associated fines and surcharges.

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