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One-time Flat Fee Covers Your Entire Court Case

Some attorneys charge by the hour or by the appearance. We don't. We'll let you know upfront exactly what our fees are to represent you and what kind of results we can expect to get for you.

We'll Get Your Charges Reduced or Your Money Back

We offer a Money Back Guarantee—if we don't get your points reduced we will refund 100% of our attorney's fee. (Does not apply to cases in the Traffic Violations Bureaus of New York City, Rochester, and Buffalo.)

This website is attorney advertising and should not be considered legal advice. A licensed attorney should be contacted if legal advice is sought.


Save Yourself a Trip to Court – We'll Appear on Your Behalf

In most cases our attorneys can appear on your behalf, saving you the time and hassle of going to court. You don't have to miss a day of work or school and we'll let you know when the case is resolved.

Keep Points Off of Your Driver's License

Moving violations like speeding can lead to points on your driver's license which can increase your auto insurance rates for years. By reducing or eliminating your points, we can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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Demerit points from NY tickets transfer back to Ontario & Quebec

Our attorneys will fight your ticket.

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